Jul. 2nd, 2012

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 Title courtesy of fairyniamh, ha ha.:D It has been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally fucking busy around here today. I'm starting to twitch every time I hear my name. But! It's all okay. I have Avengers and the Avengers have me. Also, I have watched all 3 episodes of Dirk Gently and I kind of liked it. At first it was hard to swallow because they tried so hard to rip off Sherlock that it didn't feel like Douglas Adams at all, and that's a shame. It wasn't nearly as funny as it could have been and the flavor is wrong. But despite that, the way the cases come together at the end satisfied me a lot and the hoyay worked at least as well as it does in Sherlock, despite the fact that it's completely un-canon. And it's not as jokey about the subtext, which is nice. I also watched Hancock and liked it, and read fics and liked them. Will do recs tomorrow. I also got a sunburn while eating blueberry cheesecake icecream while reading a good book. Ah, summer!

Also! I worked on fic and that was fun. Got an outline for a Steve/Phil and worked with hogwartshoney a bit on the Steve/Loki. Wanted to do more today, but it's just too crazy.

And in very good news, my friend's friend got to see her house yesterday. Despite the fact that the fire line came very close and houses around hers burnt down, her house has NO smoke damage! She is grateful but sad for neighbors. And almost all fireworks have been called off in Colorado, which is sad. I have no plans for the 4th, which also makes me sad.

But! I have pretty mens, and that makes me happy. And plans this weekend, just not for the 4th.

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