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So I went to my dad's for dinner last night. It was super nice to sleep in until noon yesterday, even though I still felt kind of crummy. I decided it might be because I've been sleeping with the windows open. I'm pretty sure my body doesn't like that--maybe I have some kind of allergy or something. But anyway, it was nice to sleep late. Then I read outside in the warm sunshine, did some exercise, and went to my dad's. Teen boy is still a teen boy, but he made an effort. Stepmom dragged me out and bought me a pumpkin, God knows why or what I will do with it. Then we went and visited my dad's cousin. Then we dug in the garden for veggies!!! I came home with carrots and beets and tomatoes and cucumbers. :D

Then dinner of lasagna. And my stepmom's mother gave me a card to Starbucks, and my dad did too, which was very confusing. I mean, A) my dad already gave me money for my birthday. I didn't need more. And B) my stepmother's mom . . . I barely know her. Literally, I can't remember her name. It was kind, but unnecessary. I'm not sure how to convey that. :/  Also, my dad had a Romney sign in his yard. :( It was kind of uncomfortable. Dad's cousin and I are the only democrats in our family, and we didn't say much when dad and stepmom's dad started discussing what an idiot Obama is. I just tried to ignore it all.

And Christopher is going on to do fashion week! Probably. They'll kick one more out, but I'm betting it will be Fabio. Or Melissa, if she chokes. She's very good, but she has a tendency to get behind. She could win, though. I was sad to see Sonjia go. As for last week's ep, which I meant to post about--I know I'm SUPPOSED to hate that challenge. I was fully prepared to. It was gimmicky as hell and had nothing to do with fashion. But secretly? I LOVED IT. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. Elena saying, "The baby's name is ASSHOLE," cracked me up. And Christopher and Fabio and Dmitry with their babies! NOW I WANT MPREG AND KIDFIC, DAMMIT. So fucking cute. If only Gunnar had stayed and gotten a baby. He and Christopher could have parented their babies together. ;D

And as for Yuletide! I went through the list last night to really sort out my thoughts. ALL OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES HAVE BEEN NOMINATED. For serious! Shawshank, Jaws, King Kong, Ladyhawke, all nominated! I don't know that I could necessarily write for any of those, but I'd read fic of any of them. I also kept an eye on the nominations to see who was nominating what (and try to judge what sort of fic they wanted or if they'd be hard to write for). That way I narrowed the list and really made myself a lot more comfortable. So far, some of the fandoms I could try writing for are: Lost World (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Teahouse (webcomic), Dirk Gently, Sky High (Disney TV movie), Blazing Saddles, Jaws, Shawshank, Bob's Burgers, Pushing Daisies, or The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks. Not gonna lie, The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks would be ideal. I know it really well--I loved those books, and the kid "Norman" was modeled after on the cover was a friend of mine in elementary school. Another thing I'm going to do is think about basic plots. If I can come up with those before signing up, I'll have a sort of fail-safe in case the person doesn't give much of a prompt or doesn't do a Dear Author letter. Yuletide is still pretty intimidating though. It's just MASSIVE.

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