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Okay, have some more. Obviously I have a full-blown obsession. Also, I am writing for the kinkmeme. SQUEE. IT IS FUN TO WRITE FIC AGAIN!

Recs: 1) Tell Me The Story of How You Ended Up Here. This fic is Steve/Loki and pretty much set the bar for how I want my Avengers fic to go. It's beautiful and understated and so natural and GOOD.
         2) Silver Cities Rise. This is the most hilarious fic in forever and so perfect I want to pet it. It's Bruce/Darcy and Darcy is perfection. She's so funny and irreverent and clumsy and snarky. And Bruce? Bruce is fluffy. ;D
         3) He Blinded Me With Science (And Gin). Bruce/Tony, funny and sweet and fab. They make moonshine together because of course they do.

Now, if any of you have recs, I'd love some. The pairing I want most is Steve/Loki, but I know there's not a lot of it out there. (I WILL RECTIFY THIS IF I CAN.) I'd kind of like some Steve/Tony but only if it's not smutty. I don't buy the pairing yet so I need some UST and a hella amount of humor first. I'd also like more Tony/Bruce because they're so sweet together. And anything with Darcy so long as the Darcy voice is good and it's not just smut. And pretty much any other pairing if it's hilarious enough. I like humor, so if you read something funny, hit me up. I also wouldn't mind some Steve/Coulson, because d'awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Now, have some more macros and gifs and silliness. :D
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