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Ugh. The squirrel is back. Well, possibly not the same squirrel, but it makes no nevermind to me. All I know is that little bastard woke me up at five this morning, and I am not pleased. I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. I called the apartment complex. Hopefully they get on it soon, because it's already taken a chunk out of the siding. Grrrr.

I'd like to tell you I accomplished something this weekend, but that would be a lie. I spent the entire time playing Skyrim. It just ate me alive (now I have ALL the houses!). Well, I also cleaned house (a lot! It looks great!) worked out (I did 14 miles on my elliptical last week!) got some stuff for camping, and got chewed out by my aunt for not responding to a wedding invitation I never received (they sent it to my EX-BOYFRIEND'S old address. Mother FUCKER. I'm really glad he moved, because this would undoubtedly have started the stalking again). So, overall, it was actually kind of a busy little weekend. But I alleviated the pain with lots of Skyrim. :)

Today is Monday. Mondays are not good days. Have a heaping helping of Hiddleston to make yours better.

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Okay, I accidentally hit a button and motherfucking duplicated everything again! I HATE it when I do that! Rawr. So anyway, if there's two of something, my apologies. Tried to weed them out. Have some Avengers pics, and also a gif from Whose Line Is it Anyway, because it made me laugh and I needed that. :)

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I'm tired of reading about the shooting, so I'm going to go back to Avengers stuff.

Here, have some pics. They are good for a Friday afternoon when your brain is burnt out from having a crazy week. Just stare and drool, people. Stare and drool.

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