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What are your favorite recipes for dressing or stuffing? This year I think I'm going to do a Cornish game hen and pretend it's sort of a turkey, and do all the trimmings. We always do my uncle's place for Thanksgiving, so I never get to try to cook this stuff. I want to do a dressing from scratch, darn it.

Also, I bought this balsamic glaze and it's to DIE for. I put in on beets this weekend and on strawberry ice cream yesterday. I'm not a big fan of strawberries, to be honest. The weird thing is, the balsamic just made it taste . . . strawberrier, if that makes sense? It was kind of a surprise. I only bought a little bitty thing of ice cream though, because I'm not big on ice cream, or strawberry ice cream for that matter. I only had a couple of bites, so it should last a while. Next time I want to try it in vanilla yogurt. I like the glaze because it adds a lot of flavor with no sodium and not much calories.

Also, I am doing really well at not eating red meat. I really have cut it down to twice a week like the doctor asked. I've lowered my butter, cheese and mayo use a little bit too, but so far that's it. I still want to work on cutting back on oil and alcohol. Ideally, I'd like to do one small glass in the evening, not three big ones.

And tonight I'm going to go lift weights and use the elliptical at the gym, both for health and to help me from going NUTS working on the family project. Maybe I'll even take the night off from the family project . . . but I doubt it. There's no good tv tonight, so I have no excuse. *sigh*

And here, this is the best thing I've ever seen: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends. And if that did not fix your life, have one of these:
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Man, I am still dead tired. Sis took me to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. It was a good time! We got there before noon and walked around all day. And drank too much. And laughed a lot, and watched jousting, and got twigged, and got rained on. We even did the maze and considered riding elephants (but the line was really long). And my sister paid for most everything, which was awesomesauce. But now I'm sore all over. My arm is especially sore from carrying bags around. Anyway, I have some good stuff for you today. And I've been writing and I STILL need to do that rec post. I have at least three or four fics I want to share.

BUT FIRST OF ALL. Here is a treat for my Hufflepuff friends. I know T is a Hufflepuff at heart. <3. I was sorted into Slytherin and we won House Cup, and though I wasn't really around for any of it and didn't participate, I will still take credit like a true Slytherin would. ;P But whatever you are, love yourself, because you were Sorted this way, baby!

Also, I bring you more BB RDJ BBQ!!!!!

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There. You have now had your daily dose of Avengers. Later, peeps.
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Even with the "OMG Slash? EW!" I still found Tom Felton on Conan to be pretty fricken funny.

Also, after following the discussion on Bethbethbeth's journal (Er, I don't yet know how to code for DW usernames--I don't have time right now) I decided to buy a Kindle. My dad gave me $250 in Amazon gift cards for graduation, and I have been wanting for a long time. I just couldn't justify spending that much. The rest of the money I got for graduation I'll save. :)


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