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Here's your big damn Avengers Monday, people!

Now, I have a slight cold, so you'll excuse me if I've sneezed all over them. Also, I'm afraid this will be my last pic post for awhile. My scrapbook is out of room so I have to post these one at a time through photobucket, which is just a huge pain. But I'm not going for a paid account while LJ is up in the air and everyone may be going to DW. Does anyone know of an easy way to mass post pics?

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It's Robert Downey Tuesday! With the other boys as well. :) Also, I have been writing and it is going exceedingly well. It's hilarious and I'm very proud of it. I'm only about a third of the way through, though.

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Last night I went to the dollar store and scored some eye makeup and brushes and a crossword book and some ketchup. $7 total, AW, YEAH.

Man, I am SO TIRED today. I was like that Monday, too. I don't know what my problem is. I've been giving everyone the stinkeye today, not because I'm grumpy (though I am, from lack of sleep) but because I literally cannot keep my eyes fully open. But you know what? My eye makeup looks fantastic, so there. Also, I'm taking tomorrow off to go visit the sibs and my dad, who has pneumonia, which kind of freaks me out. But, you know, being a RESPIRATORY THERAPIST and working AT THE EMERGENCY ROOM means I'm kind of less scared that, like my mom, he just won't get any care until it's too late. He's on pills and getting better.

So, yeah, have some pics! Unfortunately, LJ is still being kind of a dick, so while I have other pics, you get what you get for now.

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I'm in the mood for cannoli. Mmmmmm, cannoli. Alas, I have no cannoli for you. I DO, however have something else. ;)

Also, I need someone to bounce kinky Phil/Steve ideas off. Anyone up for it? I just sort of need to talk out loud to figure out what I'm doing.


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Also: TV this week:

Can't wait for more Project Runway! I'm sad Gunnar is gone though. I for serious had half a RPS slash fic written in my head where he and Christopher meet after the show and Gunnar feels he isn't good enough and Chris is all sweet to him and Gunnar saves Chris from a skeevey situation and they end up married or shit, I don't even know. Hahahahha. But now I have to concentrate on actual designs, le sigh. I hope Christopher wins, but I do love Sonjia and Dmitry. And that blonde chick, sometimes. Why the crap don't I remember her name?
On Face Off: Why don't I remember this week? I'm gonna have to look online to refresh my memory. I do remember last week being a SERIOUS disappointment. Oh, yeah, now I remember; the video game thing. The only one I kind of liked was the old man with the big head. That was super boring. Boring stuff lately.

Anyway! Tomorrow I dine with my aunts at an Irish Pub for our birthday. I'm gonna have some whiskey. Scottish whiskey though. They have a great selection. :D
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Lol, I like that one. Would you like some tasty Avengers pics? Eat them all up!

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There. Now don't you feel a little better about life?
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Happy Adele Sparks Avengers Day, everyone!

Okay, I'm not actually here--well, I'm HERE, I'm just trying frantically to get ready to go. Sister had another fight with her boyfriend and now they made up and now she's mad that I don't want to pop for two nights in a hotel and UUUGGGHHH.

But. Today is the mighty [livejournal.com profile] adele_sparks birthday, so wish her much happiness! In honor of this special day, I've thrown some extra hotties in with your regular superheros.

OH. ALSO. Last night I watched Tim Gunn critiquing superhero costumes on Crazy Sexy Geeks. THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO ME. For serious. Tim Gunn? And tights? And discussing how Robin works for him? BE STILL MY FUCKING HEART THAT'S AWESOME.

Ahem. And now back to your daily dose of nonsense. Take care and try not to break the internet while I'm gone. Also, feel free to comment here with Avengers stuff or links to Avengers stuff so when I get back from my superhero-less exile, I can refill on goodness. ;)

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Yay, Joss Whedon is doing Avengers 2! (and developing a tv show, yay)

Now, I've been REALLY FUCKING BUSY OMG today, but luckily I saved a bunch of pics yesterday, so it didn't matter that I didn't have time to find more. Here, have some pics, I gotta get back to work. :) SO BUSY OMG.

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