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Thank you so much for writing something for me! I'm awfully excited to get fic for one of my treasured little fandoms. Here are some of my likes and dislikes as well as some suggestions. I hope you find them useful, but if not, don't sweat it too much! If you can just keep it in the tone of the show/story that's enough for me.

General things I like: Humor, fluff, slash, slice-of-life fic, shenanigans, snark, and I'm okay with lots of kinds of kink (for instance: spanking, chan, crossdressing, power-imbalances, sex pollen--all fine!). If you have any questions, please contact adele_sparks. She's the coolest, and she knows me well.
Things I'd prefer not to get for this exchange: Grimdark, bdsm, unhappy endings, infidelity, character death, threesomes, rape, scat, genderbending, zombies. I'd prefer the fic not focus on het or femmeslash, but it's absolutely fine if there's some in the background.

Fandom 1: The Stanley Kids Series, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

My favorite book in this series is, "Blair's Nightmare." You can get it from abebooks.com for $3.63 (and that's including shipping.) Heck, I would even buy it for you myself if you wanted to write me a fic for this series. :) Also, it's a children's book so it's not especially long. old from David Stanley's point of view, the books as a series (Starting with The Headless Cupid ) encompass a new teenage stepsister, Amanda, and her adjustment to the family as a poltergeist puts everyone on edge, a kidnapping in Italy, youngest brother Blair's insistence that a giant dog comes and waits outside his window at night to play, amid a troubled time in which escaped convicts are known to be loose in the area, and younger sister Janie's zany antics as she starts a detective agency to find out who's stealing neighborhood dogs, as well as stubborn younger sister Esther, the neat twin. And of course, there's Pete Garvey, resident trouble-maker and bully, now David's best friend whether David wants it or not.

The fic of my DREAMS would be one where Pete Garvey gets older and transfers his crush from Amanda to David, who doesn't realize right away and doesn't know how to deal with it, but eventually comes around to liking Pete back. If it all comes about with a little help from the rest of the Stanley kids (MAN, wouldn't Amanda find the whole thing hilarious? And wouldn't Janie get them into some kind of pickle?), I would probably die of happiness.
Another possibility is fluff with David and Pete living together and hosting a holiday dinner or something. Or adopting kids. Or coming out. Or their first time (I love first time fics.) Or I'd like to see what the kids do as adults.
Likes: All of the characters. Seriously, I love every single Stanley kid as well as Pete. Another HUGE love is David being mom. I adore how all the kids depend on him and how he's the caretaker and emotional support for all of them. David is my favorite character, so as long as you have him being a nice guy and trying to help other people (especially if other people are appreciative) I will love it. :D You can make it as fluffy as you like; this is one fandom where I wouldn't mind indulging my sweet tooth.
Dislikes: Please don't hate on anyone. If you don't like one of the characters, just leave them out; I won't mind. Also, please nothing dark, though I don't mind some angst if it's resolved at the end. If you're going to do anything sexual (and you don't have to, really!) bottom!David, please.

Fandom 2: The Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Well, you can't go wrong with Doyle, right? I love his writing. Plus, it's old, so you can download it for free! The subtexty Malone/Roxton in this book was fabulous so I'd love to see it played up. Any fic about what happened after the end of the book when they basically run off into the sunset together would be awesome.I like the dynamic really--Malone may still have much to learn . . .but then again, Lord Roxton may find out he doesn't know everything, either. :D Though I say I'd like slash or slashy undertones, I'd be happy with gen or friendship fic, too. Make it as kinky or as gen as you like. Any fic about the further adventures of Lord John Roxton and Edward Malone will make me happy, really. You can certainly include the other Professor Challenger characters as well, but you don't have to. I'd just like to see them leaning on each other and being the adventurous guys they are. Patching each other up, having each other's backs, humorous or affectionate exchanges, admiring each other's abilities--all great. Also, I quite like dinosaurs, so if you enjoy them too (Doyle's old-fashioned imaginings of them or our modern understanding) feel free to throw in a few of those. :D

Fandom 3: Road to Morocco starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour.

I love just about everything about these movies, so as long as you keep the spirit, I'm happy. Humor, shenanigans, breaking the fourth wall, a musical bit, anything you can do would be great. A big plus if it's Jeff/Turkey (or Bing/Bob) slash or subtext, but that's not required. You could have the lovely princess playing matchmaker, if you like. But really, silliness and puns are all I want out of life. You could do practically anything you want with this one--modern AU, a crossover with whatever fandom you like (or the other Road movies--meeting their doubles could be funny), their adventures just after the end of the movie, whatever. Anything with these two goofs would be good--another day, another camel, you know?

You can watch the whole thing here on Youtube, if you need to refresh your memory or even if you just want to watch an old comedy. :) Just keep in mind that it's a product of its time with some of the casual racism and differing attitudes that entails.


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