Sep. 20th, 2012

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Yay! I think I got these uploaded okay. LJ is still acting shitty about pics, though. It took me three tries to get this to work.

I meant to thank you guys for the pandas! I'm sorry I missed panda madness! And [ profile] fairyniamh, your card came, squee! :D I have a picture of Sebastian lying on it; I'll have to upload it sometime. You can barely tell the card is there though, because he's so freakin' furry.

Today I am debating whether to download Pink's new album. Amazon has it for only $5! I am usually an impulsive shopper and that's not good, so I'm putting it off. Maybe if I meditate on the idea, I'll feel less like I was impulsive about it, ha ha. And obviously I can't download it at work, so I'm forced to be an adult and consider the matter eight whole hours before I can even do anything about it. ;) Then in all likelihood I will download like a ravenous beast the minute I get through my front door.

Also, I worked on the Steve/Loki, yay! I think my problem has been that I've been dragging it out too long and getting too serious about it. It was a humor fic and it needs to stay a humor fic, dammit. That's my strength.

Anyway, here's your hotness for the day--Evans, Renner, RDJ.

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