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I am in a grumpy mood. There is no REASON for me to be in a grumpy mood. Yet I can't help it. I want to bite someone's head off. Perhaps it's PMS, I don't know. All I know is that the world is bad and there is nothing good in it and also I want ice cream.

I am going to go to lunch today and have ice cream. The dream of future ice cream is the only thing keeping my despair and frustration in check. And I don't even LIKE ice cream, so what the shit is wrong with me today?

Anyway, I enjoyed last night's Project Runway.

I want to see Ven in the top 3, for sure. But I have to admit his personality is SO BORING. His facial expression NEVER CHANGES. "Thank you. This is overwhelming," he says in a monotone, looking at you through cold eyes. "I am very happy you recognize what an excellent designer I am. It will make things easier when I skin you and use your skin to make my next dress, Clarice." No, I'm kidding, he's not that bad. He's just not very animated at all. I was annoyed by Dylan saying he should have used more TYPES of candy in his dress, though. Seriously, lady, that's not even part of the challenge, so shut up. He did such a great job that whining about that seemed very stupid. I also want to see Sonjia in the top 3. She is awesome and her designs are candy. Literally. I'm already a bit sick of Chris/Gunnar though. Am I the only one wondering if they'll end up sleeping together? Because Christopher is protesting way too much. I mean, he's reeeeeeeeeeeeally focused on Gunnar. Anyway! Back to your regularly scheduled superheroes.

Okay, so have your pictures. I'm going to go get me some motherfucking peanut butter parfait, and maybe I'll feel slightly less homicidal. Also, some of the pictures are from yesterday, and I don't even care anymore. Stupid computer.

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Here be spoilers, people. For this ep, but also for the bits they show at the end that show what will happen in the rest of the season, because I need to touch on that.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! *keyboard smash* I loved it! I'm so psyched for this season! The fashion! The drama! The Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum!

Ahem. Okay, watching it for the second time as I type, so let me go over my main impressions before I TURN EVERYTHING OFF AND GO FINISH MY FIC, OKAY? I promise I will.

1) Kooan? Is a kook. Not thinking he'll go far, because he's just too out there. He takes risks, but he doesn't know where to stop, and I think he's weird for the sake of being weird.

2) Christopher. My pick to win. I don't care if he wins, actually, unless he's a total dick, he's my baby for this season, if just for the Toddlers and Tiaras snark. BITCHSLAP! THAT WAS THE FIRST AWESOME LINE OF THE SEASON.

3) Gunner. Don't like him. But I do sort of love him. I'm so excited for him and Christopher to snark at each other. OMG, they're so catty and wonderful!

4) Ven. That shit was GORGEOUS. My concern is that his stuff might be samey, and that he'll have time issues. I also felt his style could skew a bit old. It did sort of have just a hint of Miami in the 80s, you know? But seriously, that shirt was really nifty.

5) I didn't see enough Sonjia, but I like her and hope to see more of her.

6) The lesbian chick. Sorry, I'm sucking with names. I can only learn a handful at a time, okay? Her asthetic is not my asthetic, but I can see a real market for it and I'd love to see more tomboyish stuff out there. But . . . honestly, her stuff was kind of mannish and schlumpy without the pop or spunk I would want before I'd wear it.

7) Andrea. I don't see her making it. I kind of sort of like her stuff, but the shape...it could be good, or it could just be an inability to understand how most women want their bodies accented, you know? That sort of bell thing . . . it's okay for a fashion show, but how does that translate to wearable stuff?

8) The top and bottom were what I'd expect. I also loved that Nina and Michael have seemed to REGAINED THEIR FREAKING MINDS after the Gretchen fiasco and called out the fugly instead of fawning over it.

Now, as for the upcoming season, I had read a spoiler that someone gave up and left in the middle of the night without telling anyone (I think Heidi said it was very childish). That had me all anxious before the show had even started! I kept thinking WHO SHOULD I NOT GET TOO ATTACHED TO? I was worried it would be Christoper after his mishap with the sewing machine. But no, it turns out it's one of the women. At any rate, it looks like it will be an exciting season!!!!

ALSO, DID YOU GUYS HEAR ANDY SOUTH CHANGED GENDERS? I was genuinely surprised, but go Andy. She'll make a fierce girl.

So, well, those are my thoughts. No Motherfucking Walkoff moments, but still fun. :D

Oh, oh, ETA: On the wall with the pictures of the winners from previous seasons, who is the dude with the horrible mustache???? Did I miss the season where a trucker won Project Runway???


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