Jul. 27th, 2012

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I am in a grumpy mood. There is no REASON for me to be in a grumpy mood. Yet I can't help it. I want to bite someone's head off. Perhaps it's PMS, I don't know. All I know is that the world is bad and there is nothing good in it and also I want ice cream.

I am going to go to lunch today and have ice cream. The dream of future ice cream is the only thing keeping my despair and frustration in check. And I don't even LIKE ice cream, so what the shit is wrong with me today?

Anyway, I enjoyed last night's Project Runway.

I want to see Ven in the top 3, for sure. But I have to admit his personality is SO BORING. His facial expression NEVER CHANGES. "Thank you. This is overwhelming," he says in a monotone, looking at you through cold eyes. "I am very happy you recognize what an excellent designer I am. It will make things easier when I skin you and use your skin to make my next dress, Clarice." No, I'm kidding, he's not that bad. He's just not very animated at all. I was annoyed by Dylan saying he should have used more TYPES of candy in his dress, though. Seriously, lady, that's not even part of the challenge, so shut up. He did such a great job that whining about that seemed very stupid. I also want to see Sonjia in the top 3. She is awesome and her designs are candy. Literally. I'm already a bit sick of Chris/Gunnar though. Am I the only one wondering if they'll end up sleeping together? Because Christopher is protesting way too much. I mean, he's reeeeeeeeeeeeally focused on Gunnar. Anyway! Back to your regularly scheduled superheroes.

Okay, so have your pictures. I'm going to go get me some motherfucking peanut butter parfait, and maybe I'll feel slightly less homicidal. Also, some of the pictures are from yesterday, and I don't even care anymore. Stupid computer.

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