Jun. 22nd, 2012

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Hahah, I'm sooooo glad that I was actually late doing this, because [livejournal.com profile] amanuensis1 posted the most fantastic fic today, and you must go read it!

How Five of the Avengers Did Not Get Tattoos But One Did by [livejournal.com profile] amanuensis1: It's Tony/Bruce (with hints of Pepper/Tony/Bruce but if you're like me and you're not usually into threesomes or het, it's non-graphic and really fab and I totally promise it won't squick you). It's also hilarious and delightfully sweet and I ship Bruce/Tony like mad so this made me squee with happiness! Everyone is perfect and it's will definitely make you laugh.

Two Hearts by brushed_velvet: mini fill of Phil watching Steve sleep and it's sooooooooo sweet! <3

Dirty Little Secret by anon: Phil masturbates thinking about Captain America and it's very, very hot. And the end is amusing.

Steve/Phil wallsex, by pixymisa: just what is says. Steamy!

Heroism and Stealth by um, stash-comics? I don't fucking get tumblr really, I'm sorry. Anyway, this is the most perfect fic ever written. It's Steve/Phil and it's funny and clever and Steve gets to watch Phil be badass and it's just soooooo well written! I love it, and it's my favoritest Steve/Phil fic, and that's saying something. :) I am full of squee and admiration.

Corruption and Crème Brûleé by [livejournal.com profile] amanuensis1: It's Loki/Barton with Loki being all nasty and making Barton do stuff and it's got all these consent issues and Clint is all competent and sexy and it's hot as hell. >:D Also, she has Loki down, and that alone will give you shivers.

SWAK by [livejournal.com profile] sephirothflame: It's Phil/Steve and I was gonna wait because I also filled this one and I won't be reposting until next week, but anyway this one is much better than mine. And Phil has a MOTORCYCLE, rawr, and it's so tasty and perfect and sweet and hilarious.

Okay, so I need to go do work now, but I'll post more pics later. :) Also, I need to finish reading lmeden's fic because it's fab but I'm only halfway through and I need moooooore!
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Okay, my computer fucked up and doubled these. So if there's two of something, oh, well.

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